Christmas Quiz Answers

It’s a snap

  1. Dr Edwin Land invented the instant camera in which decade? - 1940s (1948)

  2. Which photographic process was first demonstrated in 1962? - The hologram

  3. The first successful photograph required how long an exposure time? - 8 hours

  4. What did the Lumiere brothers invent in 1895? - The first motion picture

  5. Which super hero worked as a photographer for the Daily Bugle? - Spiderman

  6. What do the following abbreviations used in photography stand for?

(a) AWB - Automatic White Balance

(b) DoF - Depth of Field

(c) DNG - Digital Negative – a file format promoted by Adobe

(d) DPI - Dots per Inch

(e) Exif - Exchangable Image File Format

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