Summer outings

What we did over the summer… isn’t that how you start your first essay in school after the summer holidays? As a club throughout the summer period we arrange outings to local(ish) beauty spots to take photos, weather permitting of course (you can always trust Mother Nature to make life interesting). This summer was no different.


We went to Gravesend ferry terminal for a sunset on the river partly because images taken from the Thames Path was the theme of the first competition in September. It was a pleasure to see a good turn out and there were some fantastic images taken, so the competition should be a highly contested one.


Greenhithe Pier was also chosen due to its location on the Thames pathway. Not a lot I can say about this one as it rained hard that night for a lot of the time. A few hardy members turned up for this but most stayed at the club which I think was the most sensible idea. Those who did go demonstrated their true courage and got some good images but also got very wet for their trouble. We decided to make our way back to the club at about 20:30 for drinks and a warm up.

Sheppey Bridges This was a fantastic night which was heavily supported by the club, with some fantastic long exposures taken by the riverside.

Hoo Marina

To Hoo Marina where we were just in time to record the power station before further demolition work took place later that month.

Motney Hill

At the request from members we made our way to Motney Hill. This was another good night. One of the high spots was meeting with another photographer. He was using a drone to capture images of the inside of the wrecks in the bay. We were delighted to be shown the results of his fantastic work.

Onwards and upwards into the winter schedule, competitions and fun nights to follow. Hopefully we will see the results of these outings in some of the competitions over the coming months.

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