/Frequently Asked Questions


Who are you?

Medway DSLR Camera Club. Founded in 2012 by four enthusiast with an aim to provide an inclusive, friendly, social, and educational environment for members to pursue and expand their skills in photography. We are also an affiliate member of the Kent County Photographic Association www.kcpa.co.uk


Where do you meet?

The Walnut Tree Social Club, Medway Road, Gillingham, ME7 1NL. It is opposite the new Gillingham Police Station. There is a small private on-site car park available. We use the rear bar, from the main entrance walk straight down the corridor to the last door on the right. 


When do you meet?

We meet every Monday, except Bank Holidays, including Christmas week and New Year week. Check our programme for some of our events.


What time do you meet?
The evening starts around 08:00 pm but members start to arrive from 07:30 pm to settle in, have a chat and get a drink.  The evening ends sometime after 10:00 pm.


Are refreshments available?
The Walnut tree club has a fully stocked bar of bottled and draught beers, spirits, soft drinks, and they also do tea and coffee. All drinks are available throughout the evening.

How much does it cost?

The fee for 2018/2019 is £53 for a single or £96 for a married couple for the year. Our year runs from June to May. There are some evenings when an additional contribution is required, for example when we have live models we ask for a contribution if you wish to take photos. The collection is divided amongst the models. Most weeks there is also a raffle with a monetary prize..


Do I need a DSLR camera?

Absolutely not. We are interested in promoting photography on any device – DSLR, Bridge Camera, Compact Camera, Tablet, Smart Phone, and Film Camera. If you display the photos, whether in print or digitally, we do not ask what equipment or settings you used.


What happens on the social evenings?

Members have a chat, share photos, sometimes we organise a tutorial or demonstration on a specific topic.


How can I improve my skills?

One of the best ways is by taking photos, look at them and work out how to make it better. We can help with that in many ways. Examples of this are:

(1) ask other members, they are only too happy to share their knowledge

(2) we occasionally run tutorial nights, often aimed at a specific topic. In the past, these have ranged from the simple ‘know your buttons’ to ‘how to set up lighting’.

(3) Enter the competitions. The judges we choose provide constructive feedback. The most important thing is that you like the photo.


Do you run competitions?

Yes, we run a number of competitions on a wide variety of themes. Have a look at our Programme. We do not grade members as some other clubs do. All competitions are open to everyone. You’re not obliged to enter, but we really encourage everyone to try. Competitions are an opportunity to improve your skills, knowledge and receive constructive feedback on your image.

All entries are critiqued in order to help both the photographer and others improve their technique, composition and creativity skills. 


I’m interested in joining, what do I do?

You are welcome to come along to the club on Monday and have a chat with us. You can join us for two free meetings to get the feel of the club. If you are happy and wish to join the fun, simply download the Application Form from the Contact Us > Membership Secretary page, complete the details and bring the form and payment with you to the next meeting. 

Please note as of November 2018 we are now maintaining a waiting list for new members, please speak with our Membership Secretary if you wish to be added to the waiting list.


Thank you for your interest and hope to see you soon!



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